10 minutes Handstand push-ups
5 minutes Squats
2 minutes Pull-ups
1 minute Push-ups
Use up to a 20lb vest.  First come first serve for each class.  We have 2.

The squat is a tremendously safe and magnificent movement that develops coordination, mental toughness, skeletal and muscular strength, and superior knee stabilization.  A full range of motion squat begins with the knees and hips extended and the body in a standing upright position.  To initiate the movement, the hips travel back and down to a point below parallel.  Below parallel is defined as a body position where the top of the patella (knee) is above the crease of the hip.

A partial squat is one that does not fully achieve a below parallel depth. A partial squat puts undue stress on the knees, neglects the utilization  and development of the glutes, adductors, and hamstrings, and generates a significant imbalance between the front (anterior) and back (posterior) sides of the body.  A partial squat allows the body to carry and move a load which the spine has not yet developed the capacity to support and move.

If you physically or mentally are not able to take a squat below parallel, your load is too heavy.  Forget the number on the white board, and go for some serious inches in your depth.  Remember, a barbell squat is built upon the solid foundation of an air squat and depth should be unquestionable.