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Party Week!


Party Week!

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Four rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
Rest 3 minutes

Team effort farmers carry on Saturday. Both classes made it without putting down the dumbbells. Solid.

Party Week!

Everyone loves a good party!  Don’t forget, this Friday is the 2 Year Party and Family Picnic.  We’ll have lots of great meat and toppings from Nick n’ Willy’s and the Southside Walnut Cafe.
Other fun items to note are:
– the team picture at 6pm
– the drawing for a YEAR of free Roots Gear
– the Roots Gear Summer Sale with discounted apparel items from this past year
– there will be a ukulele at the party!

2 Responses

  1. In New Orleans at the moment. The other day I snuck in a Crossfit-inspired workout: 2min doubleunder warmup, 3 rounds of 25 pushups, 35 squats, and 800m run. It was poring down rain, so I wasn’t able to use my phone to keep track of the time. On the bright side, I feel like the below sea level altitude here was easier on my lungs. Bonus exercise: dodging all the oak-root busted sidewalks.