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Planning for the Open.


Planning for the Open.

5 rounds for time:
50 lunges
40 KB swings
30 abmat sit-ups
20 push-ups
10 pull-ups

Sherry comes to last week's class with an entourage! Thanks for visiting!

Planning for the Open.

FIVE DAYS AND COUNTING to the announcement of the first workout!  Below are all the details for what’s going on each week at Roots for the Open.


Weekly Open workout announced HERE every Wednesday, usually at 5:00pm.

Notes: Because we will be doing the workouts on Thursday always and will not be able to make programming adjustments for Wednesday’s classes because of the workout release day and time, if your goal is to do as well as humanly possible on each workout (in the great enviornment of Thursday Night Throwdown) we highly recommend you plan to rest on Wednesdays.  If your goal is to do the workouts, have a good time, and make it part of your weekly routine, do not worry about scheduling around Thursdays.

Weekly Open workout done for all regularly scheduled group WODs, meaning gymnastics will still be gymnastics, not the Open WOD.

Notes on judging WODs during group classes: We will make every effort to enable folks to be judged and scored in the regular group classes but there are no guarantees.  We HIGHLY recommend folks who have signed up for the Open make an effort to come Thursday evenings.  You’ll do better in that environment anyway.

Thursday Night Throwdowns:

Thursday Night Throwdowns will take the place of all regularly scheduled group WOD classes (4, 5, 6pm).  Thursday Night ThrowDowns are from 4:30-6:30pm.

Notes: Athletes can come in and warm-up anytime AFTER 4:15pm and put themselves in a heat.  You can show up anytime between 4:15 and 6:30 to do the workout.  The last heat will start at 6:30.  YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE OPEN TO PARTICIPATE IN THURSDAY NIGHT THROWDOWNS. NOT REGISTERED?  CLICK HERE.

Scaling and modifications:

The Open workouts are designed to be very inclusive.  It is less common to see a workout with loads or reps that prevent an athlete entirely from doing the workout.  If an athlete is not able to complete the workout as designed we will of course scale the workout.

Score submission:

All athletes must submit their own scores on the CrossFit Open website. We will validate scores by the deadline checking them against the score sheets collected on Thursdays.  Again, it is YOUR responsibility to put your score in for validation.  We will have a computer at the shop for this purpose before the start of the Open.

Open WOD Retests:

If athletes are unable to make it to class on a Thursday, they have the option to video record their workout during open shop on Sundays from 10:30-12:30.  CrossFit HQ will review the video for range of motion, reps, and loading and validate if appropriate.

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