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Forty Five!…and Counting for the CrossFit Open


Forty Five!…and Counting for the CrossFit Open

2 rounds for time:
400m run
9 muscle-ups
400m run
15 squat clean and thruster (95/65)

Forty Five!…and Counting.

As of last night at 8:40pm we had FORTY FIVE folks signed up for the Open.  This number is getting MUCH better.  The Thursday Night Throwdowns are shaping up to be the hot event of March!

Picture it: 45+ athletes sweating and pushing through the The Open workouts in the new space.  The March warm weather sweeping in and the garage doors flown open.  Folks hanging out, cheering on, and watching folks do amazing things for the first time and time again.  See it.  And sign-up to be a part of it.

Did you sign-up yesterday?  Post to comments.  Do you know of someone who still needs to sign-up?  Post to comments.

So, SIGN-UP NOW to participate in this awesome weekly event.  And by awesome, we mean like totally cool.

What other freakin’ rock start sayings would you use to describe the coolness of The Open?  Post to comments, like totally.

11 Responses

  1. Jasmine

    Ok, perhaps against my better judgement, I signed up this morning. *gulp*  2012 seems to be my year for more commitment.  First oly club, now this.

  2. karin

    Nicole, of course you’re right! I was in the Open last yr! Once a saw the cockamamie Open website this morning, I remembered trying to hack in my scores last year after they inexplicably closed me out. Anyhow, you had me at “throw down”. See you then!