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Recap of the LIVE 13.3 Broadcast


Recap of the LIVE 13.3 Broadcast


Seven rounds for time of:
3 Forward rolls
5 Wall climbs
7 Toes to bar
9 Box jumps, 30″ box

Team 13.3 Judgement - Zac Pine and Adrian Bozman.

Team 13.3 Judgement – Zac Pine and Adrian Bozman.

Recap of the LIVE 13.3 Broadcast

Wednesday evening will definitely go down in Roots history as one of the coolest nights ever. Sure it was special, magical, and jaw dropping, but really the word “cool” seems to sum it up the best.

Walking into the shop yesterday morning and picturing the extensive set-up of bleachers, barriers, and camera equipment that was set-up across the shop floor, it was almost as if the energy and vibe of the evening had not left the building.

For me, the most special part of the evening was looking into the crowd and seeing the faces of Roots athletes watching the event with their Roots friends and spouses and families. It was as if time went by in slow motion. I am so incredibly happy that so many of you took the time to come out and experience the CrossFit community on this larger scale.

This event was made possible by the wonderful crew of CrossFit Media that flew out for the event. Thank you for taking the time to work with us and for your respect and awareness of our shop and facility.

The event would have been entirely chaotic was it not for the stellar crew of volunteers that helped out on Tuesday and Wednesday. A big thank you to:

Team Parking – Robert, Drew, Peter, Moishe, Bones and Chris who ran the parking operation outside. The parking situation was great and we owe it to you!

Team Apparel – Cami, Whitney, Karen, Emily, and Lynn – the smiling crew behind the front desk that helped all of our visitors with Roots gear and apparel. You guys ran a top notch operation! And thank you to Cami and Whitney for heading up the operation and receiving and organizing the new tees.

Team Floor – Bryce, Sandy, Hammer, Dan B, and Allaina – not only was the event cool, it was clean and we owe a huge thank you to this crew who manned the floor making sure trash cans were emptied and the place looked tidy

Team Reps – Blaine, Miles, Odie, and Walker – who counted reps via the video production corner to relay to the announcers so they could accurately call the event for viewers all over the world.

Greeters – Hannah and Dre for manning the door and VIP area and making everyone who showed up feel welcome.

Team DJ Double Under – Sampo – entrance music, show music, after party music, DJ Double Under came out for the show and rocked the house. Thanks to Dizon and Taylor for helping set up the after party.

Team Phones – Gator – who manned the phones on +Wednesday to make sure anyone who called in got all the details necessary to be able to attend!

Team Seating – Tracy E and Cal – these women reserved seats for the volunteers and made sure the area behind the broadcast was packed!

Tuesday Crew – Gavin, Cami, Whitney, Sherial for helping with all of the preparation odds and ends that made +Wednesday run smoothly.

Team Clean-up – Jake, Kim, Scott, Tonya, Sam, Jamie, Cassie, Kim U., Andrea W., Alex G., Collin DO, Brendi, Carly, and Arlenne and everyone else who stuck around and jumped in to lend a hand – who helped us reset the shop in record time after over 700 people came through our doors.

Team Equipment – Dizon, Hillary, Bryce, Chris Rice, Hammer, and Abby – who managed the equipment removal from the competition floor after the workout was announced.

Team Photos – Shayna – we hear she shot over 1,000 photos at the event. Thanks for documenting the event!

Social Media – Ryan (GoodTimes), Moishe, Jasmine – for keeping the world updated as the events unfolded.

Media Liason – KU Molly for getting the word out to the local media.

A special thank you to all of the volunteers for being flexible and patient with times and willing to jump in where and when we needed them most!

3 Responses

  1. HUGE thank you to all the coaches for all the work you did to make that event happen. It was amazing to be a part of. I’m still buzzing from it.
    Side note: does Kristan Clever ever stop smiling? After doing 13.3 yesterday all I could do was barely stagger out to my bike and mutter to myself about how much I hate wall balls. I can’t believe that Talayna & Kristan hung out, were friendly to people, had their pictures taken, etc. — truly classy athletes.
    Side note redux: yeah, I didn’t recognize Greg Glassman and told him to park across the street. Disaster averted by his & his driver’s (probably also someone famous who I didn’t recognize) incredible level of chill & patience. Again: true class at the highest levels. Super inspiring to see.
    Thanks again.