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Regional Schedule of Events Posted


Regional Schedule of Events Posted

2012 Regional WOD 2:
Row 2K
50 pistols alt. legs
30 hang power cleans (225/135)

Ryan finds that pull/push workouts are in his wheelhouse.

Regional Schedule of Events Posted

Many folks have asked us the timeline for this weekend including when Nicole will be competing.

The schedule of events is posted here under Regional Event Details.  We are not sure of Nicole’s exact heat.  We will post is as soon as we know!

6 Responses

  1. Whitney

    Jim & I plan to leave Boulder at 9 if anyone wants a ride. We have room for at least 4. We’re planning on returning after Nicole’s heat and the festivities end.

        1. Molly Molter

           Ladies that are coming Saturday, let’s wear our maroon/pink Roots shirts you have it! That’s what Whitney and I decided to wear. Also, Whitney is picking me up at Vics Coffee at 28th and College on Saturday if anybody else wants a ride contact Whitney. 

  2. Hey, let’s all wear the same Roots shirts tomorrow (Friday)!!!  Which on?  I have a Grey, Light Blue and Purple one…  Which do we have the most of so we can represent Roots!