The Open season is upon us, and every athlete is different when it comes to recovery. We all have different routines. Some athletes thrive when they’ve had a full rest day before “game day”, but some athletes feel they get out of their groove when they take a full day off. Others prefer to follow their usual weekly routine. Considering we don’t know the Open workout until 6 p.m. the day before, you run the risk of doubling down on movements/muscle groups, and soreness and/or fatigue may be a limiting factor in your performance. You also might just be worried about missing out on valuable attendance points for your team. Whatever the reason, choosing to come to the gym on Thursdays can be a hard decision for the next three weeks.  

Unfortunately, the coaches at Roots don’t know the Open workouts in advance (bummer), so we can’t program around the movements that will come up in the next Open workout. But, what if we told you there was a way you could combine all of the above, get the best of both worlds, AND score attendance points for your team?!

(Re)Introducing the Active Recovery Class on Thursdays:

This class is for those of us who still want to come to the gym before crushing The Open, but not destroy ourselves in the process. 

In this one-hour class, there will be stretching, mobilizing, light movement (yes we will sweat a little bit), and other recovery methods to get you feeling ready to tackle the 2021 Open workouts. 

No need to worry about completing 100 push presses for time the day before they appear in the Open workout, or having sore legs right before Castro announces max effort front squats. 

Join Connor at 11:30 a.m. on Thursdays for the next three weeks to prepare yourself for each Open workout! Sign up in MBO.