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From top left to bottom - an untouched pan of cornbread, butter, salad croutons, toasted flat bread, and mozzarella balls.

Eating Paleo Even When Your Best Attempt Doesn’t do the Trick

Last week we touched on the fact that it is possible to eat a Paleo meal just about anywhere in Boulder. Sometimes the key is figuring out what you can eat by asking questions about menu items, having the guts to ask to swap non-Paleo items for something you’ll eat (yes, guts), or simply asking the wait staff to hold certain menu items.  Other times, it’s as simple as avoiding the non-Paleo foods that somehow make it to the table.

Last week, 5 Paleo rock stars went to eat at a local Boulder restaurant.  After ordering a round of NorCal Margaritas, the waitress stated she’d get those right out and have some cornbread delivered to the table.  She got away without hearing the requests to hold the cornbread.  Five minutes later, 2 full pans of cornbread and butter arrived at the table.  The dinners, thought to have been made Paleo during the ordering process, arrived 15 minutes later. The salad had croutons, the salmon had token flatbread crossed on top of the dish, and the order to “hold the cheese” didn’t come through as one dish arrived with mozzarella balls stacked high.

In this situation, the Paleo rockstars tried their best.  They ordered Paleo and tried to communicate to the waitress exactly what they wanted.  It would be easy to cave in but we want you to get to the point where these foods are simply not ever an option.  It’s helpful in this situation to remember why you eat Paleo and not how much you miss the food in front of you.  Grains wreak havoc on your insulin response and digestive system, dairy causes uncontrolled cellular growth (cancer), and sugar is Type II Diabetes on a plate.

So next time your best attempts fail, stay the course and leave the non-Paleo mush on the table.