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Sticking With It


Sticking With It

8 x 400m run

Dudes rowing.

Sticking With It

Occasionally mid workout we will get questions like, “I think this is too heavy, can I take off some weight?” or “Can I switch to kipping pull-ups instead of chest to bar, I’m not sure I’m going to finish?”  Let’s be honest, we’ve ALL had thoughts like this at some point.  95% of the time, the answer from your coach is “no.”  We say “no” not because we are mean, but because we want you to commit to a plan and see it through, to learn from the experience and put that knowledge toward next time, and because we know that while the human brain and body are capable of convincing you of what it can do, it’s also really good at convincing you of what it “cannot do.” A bad day at work, a sleepless night, or a bad food day and all of the sudden 95lb thrusters seem too heavy and 20″ box jumps are good enough.  We’re here to make sure you convince yourself of what you CAN do, day in and day out.  In the end, the workouts that you complete after you questioned your ability to do so, will be the ones of which you are most proud.

Have you asked for an easy out in a workout and been told no?

10 Responses

  1. Karl E.

    After last night’s hand-palm-mishap-skin-catastrophe, 8x400m runs makes me happier than any other workout I can imagine. Yeah for running in the light!

  2. Trevor

    By doing the CrossFit workouts in California, I get easy outs on my workouts all the time. I ask, “Can I make this easier?” Nobody answers, except all the pain I’m experiencing in that moment. So the answer is “yes.” Don’t you all wish you could do your WODs 1000 miles away from Nicole? Plus I don’t have to smell her.

  3. Olivia

    Think of it this way..
    8x400s is only 2 miles… which is only 3520 packages of fruit by the foot (a yard long) laid end to end!!!!!!!!!
    See now its fun..

  4. Fraser

    Fruity feet ? hmm. Running is my friend. Only minor palm repair required today. Sunny warm weather is fantastic.

  5. Joylyn

    Nice post Roots folks…..y’alls comments make me smile too, thanks. Love knowing we have neighbors as goofy as us Verve crew.