Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
15-foot rope climbs, 2 ascents
10 ring dips
20 GHD sit-ups


Just nappin.

Some of us are here because we want to look better naked, for others it’s to lose weight, for others still it’s to get fit.  Lon Kilgore wrote this great Journal article on how a sedentary lifestyle for retirees is leading to a lower quality of life and an overall stress on the countries healthcare system.
I don’t think many of us stop to think how our fitness training today will pay off when we’re at an age of retirement (for some I’m sure, but not many), but it’s not bad to keep in mind.  Even on the lousiest day of training, simply by the effort of training you’re investing in your quality of life down the road.  Lon hits the nail on the head when he says, “The bottom line is that we need to skip all the silliness, glitz and gimmicks and just exercise to develop the physical capital needed for higher later-in-life physical function, higher quality of life post-retirement and more post-retirement years.”
So next time you have a bad day, or don’t get a pr, just tuck that day away in your memory and recall it when you’re older and still running around with your grandkids.  If you’re already a retiree and you’re reading this, keep kicking ass!