Please Note: The 12:30pm Group Class is cancelled for today (Monday) only. 
In teams of two, row for distance, for 42 minutes.

For this workout, the row time for each team will be split evenly. 
P1: 1 minute
P2: 2 minute
P1: 3 minute
P2: 4 minute
P1: 5 minute
P2: 6 minute
…and back down…
P1: 6 minute
P2: 5 minute
P1: 4 minute
P2: 3 minute
P1: 2 minute
P2: 1 minute
Score is total distance rowed by the team.

The erg is such a simple, yet brutally effective, tool for developing fitness. Here is the Rice crew team during its early beginnings in the 80s pictured with that dreadful and wonderful apparatus – the erg.