Get ready for a new block of skill work as we move into fall! You’ll have the opportunity to practice your rope climbs, muscle-ups, handstands, and toes-to-bars.

We will start adding this new skill work into class starting today (Sept. 14) until November 19th.

Rope climb
3 sets of:
1 double rope climb (climb up, down, up, and back down without touching the ground between reps)
15-25 GHD Sit-ups

1.5 rope climbs
Double half climb (up 1/2, down, up 1/2, down)
2x half climbs with quick rest between each
2x pull to standing + foot wrap and hold 5-seconds

10 low ring muscle-up transitions
Then, either:
3 sets of:
3 strict ring muscle-ups
3 sets of:
3 false grip ring pull-ups
3 ring dips

Foot assist or band assist

3x 1-min wall-facing handstand hold
1-min rest
3-min open handstand hold or walking practice

3x 8 strict toes-to-bars
2x 10 kipping toes-to-bars

Partial range