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Setbacks and Opportunities


Setbacks and Opportunities

Three rounds for time of:
60 double-unders
30 squat snatch (75/55)

Lindy Wall | A Crossfit Story from Shaughn Tillman Films on Vimeo.

Setbacks and Opportunities

In the video above 2013 CrossFit Games Competitor Lindy Wall describes her journey over the past three years.

Have you had an injury set you back in life?  How did you move past it?  What tips did you use to stay focused on the end goal?  Post to comments.


2 Responses

  1. Abby

    I watched this the other day and was again inspired by Lindy. Coming from the Central East I have competed with her a handful of times. Seeing someone so committed and the struggle to work through a serious injury is extremely inspiring. I am a year out from shoulder surgery myself and was told by doctors to “just not lift weight over my head anymore.” Knowing I wouldn’t take that as an answer and seeing others succeed through an injury keeps me going. I know I am a whole lot happier as an athlete working through injury rather than deciding not to continue a sport I love due to discomfort. My main goal is to train smart – physically and mentally.

  2. Allison O'brien

    I was a runner, long distances. I suffered from knee pain for 6 years and ran through it every day. The pain would move from lateral to medial to intra capsular to behind the knee etc so I was in and out of P.T. consistently until diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis that required a major knee surgery. I spent 7 weeks on crutches in a huge brace, non weight baring. I was also told never to run again if I wanted a functioning knee in 10 years. If it hadn’t been for this “injury” and surgery I never would have found Crossfit. Crossfit has truly changed my life for the better; mentally it has changed the way I think of myself and what I’m ultimately capable of, physically I’m more competent than I’ve ever been and I’ve always been an athlete, and I have a new community and group of friends that mean the world to me. I don’t even think about the loss of running anymore because of everything I’ve gained.