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Shane Special


Shane Special

3 rounds for time:
500m row
3 rounds of Cindy
(5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats)

Lindsay gave her husband (the one and only R Landis) an iPod for Christmas inscribed with, "lift heavy weight fearlessly" and we're pretty sure she abides by the same mantra. L Landis, thanks for being a part of Roots, you rock.

The pitter patter of little feet may pull Sampo from his slumber at 6:00am this morning, but it didn't stop him from showing up to Lift Heavy Shit Night to front squat 275. Word.

Lift Heavy Shit Night Recap


Lift Heavy Shit Night was a blast.  We were graced with the presence of 5 very special heavy lifters and 21 folks came out for the party.  Check out the pictures on the Roots Picasa Gallery.

We worked toward a 1 rep max front squat for the day and then socialized with beer and some tasty snacks provided by Molly.  We divided the crew onto four racks and spent time getting to know one another, fueling off of the friendly competition, and lifting some heavy shit.

Ryan’s got a deadlift in mind for the next Lift Heavy Shit Night.  Stay tuned!

For those who came last night, who hit a new 1 rep max?  Post to comments.


4 Responses

  1. TYD

    I went from 200-lb a year ago to 230-lb last night. This Crossfit stuff seems to work…

    It was a fun night. Thanks guys!

  2. Molly

    Nicole, didn’t you have a PR on rack 2 also? 180 or 185? I agree with TYD, it was a great night! And welcome back TYD! Just in time to represent Roots at Sectionals!

  3. Dave

    Was too sore on Friday so I did this workout today. It ruined me. Got more than a few weird looks at the 24-hour Fitness.