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Silver Lining


Silver Lining

21-15-9 reps for time of:
24″ Box jump
75 pound Power snatch
Chest to bar Pull-up

Sarah squats a hard earned 5 front squats to full depth at 75 pounds.

Silver Lining

In CrossFit, we encourage our athletes to progress and advance via mechanics, consistency, and then intensity. This is not the sexy or badass way to do it, we know. As athletes we want to be extreme! and go hard.  It’s only after frustrating efforts that we start to connect the massive role that form and technique play in performance. The coaches work to impart this concept to you each and every day. Some athletes take it to heart more than others. Sarah Silver took it to heart.

Meet Sarah, known as Silver at the shop. Silver came to us roughly five months ago. She was motivated and enthusiastic, but she had some significant deficiencies in her ability to squat. She physically could not pass her hips below parallel, or anywhere near parallel for that matter.

This can be a frustrating place for an athlete. Silver was frustrated.

But rather than see her physical limitations as road blocks or that which just required an easier route, Sarah spent the past 5 months working on her ability to squat. Specifically, I remember the day when the workout was 5×5 overhead squat and Silver worked through all of her reps with a PVC pipe because that’s all she could manage.

Flash forward to today. Silver knocked out reps of front squat solidly below parallel at 65 and 75 pounds. It was hands down one of the coolest things I have seen at Roots because it was the culmination of a ton of hard work.

What Silver did requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and checking the ego at the door. But it pays off, and the pay off has just begun.

11 Responses

  1. Chad

    Awesome job Silver – full ROM and correct form is the key albeit frustrating to obtain. I still struggle with it but have improved a lot from where I started and is now paying off for me. Keep it up!

  2. Alejandro Chaux

    Yeah, I needed to read this post too, about 7 months ago, before injuring myself…  Working on form and consistency has  helped immensely.  Just last week, after doing my heaviest dead lift every, my back felt better than it has in years thanks to the instructor working with me on form.

    Way to go Silver!

  3. Jasmine

    Awesome work, Silver! Moving from PVC pipe to 75 lbs while keeping full range of motion is huge! Good job!

  4. Eric

    Oh yeah, great job to everyone who participated in the challenge!  My coffee tastes so weird with half & half in it, I may stick with the straight up Americano with no room.  I hope wine still tastes good! 

  5. Super cool, Silver. I’m right where you were, fighting the same battle. Patiently working on constant incremental improvement! Persistence… I’m right where you were, fighting the same battle. Patiently working on constant incremental improvement! Persistence…