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Sixth and on to Regionals


Sixth and on to Regionals

Clean and Jerk


CrossFit Roots placed sixth overall in the Southwest Region.

Sixth and on to Regionals

Congratulations to the 2014 CrossFit Roots Open team who placed SIXTH overall in the 2014 Open in the Southwest region.  Together, the gym qualified a team of six athletes to compete at the Southwest Regionals in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 30-June 1st.

Your 2014 Roots team is: 
Abby Knowles
Cindy Arangua
Blaine Guenther
Dave Lee
Walker Savidge
Nicole Christensen

Stay tuned for details on the trip to Salt Lake!

Curious about our awesome crew of masters athletes that made it to the next round of competition?  Stay tuned tomorrow!


11 Responses

  1. Chad Schroeder

    Most likely the 2nd Seeded Team going into Regionals after all the Individuals dropout – Podium Potential!!!

  2. Maggie F

    Nicely done! It was amazing watching you all perform during the Open and I LOVE that you did it all during the throwdowns – super inclusive and inspiring.

  3. Randall Weidberg

    Was a pleasure training with these fine individuals. Couldnt be more proud. Go Team Roots!