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New Membership Options


New Membership Options

AMRAP 60 minutes:
Row 500 meters
400m bear crawl
10 handstand push-ups

Tiger Woods has a caddy, why shouldn't you?

Tiger Woods has a caddy, why shouldn’t you?

New Membership Options

We are very excited to announce new membership options at Roots!

Now, in addition to offering the standard Unlimited Membership, we have three additional tiers of membership for you to consider.

Membership Benefits – Silver
The Silver Membership was designed with convenience and your everyday needs in mind.  Hand towels are available during the workout and hot towel service is available after the workout and delivered to your shower door.  You also gain access to our high end bath gels and salts sure to enhance your post-WOD shower experience.  Silver Plus – should you forget your water bottle at the shop, Trevor will drop it off at your house.

Membership Benefits – Gold
In addition to gaining accès to all Silver Membership benefits the Gold Membership grants priority booking and workout veto power.  If you see a workout posted that you just don’t like or don’t want to do, simply email Nicole and she’ll change the programming to something you like or something you’re really good at.   Limit one veto per month.

Membership Benefits – Platinum
The Platinum Membership enables individuals to get the very most out of every minute of their time at Roots.  You will be assigned a CrossFit Caddy who will build your bar for you and set-up and put away all of your equipment for every workout.  Not sure what weight to use for the workout?  Skip the line for the coach and your caddy will help you pick your weight.  Do your hands ever rip during class?  Not to fear, your CrossFit Caddy will be on-hand to tape your hands gaining you valuable minutes for your workout.  At the completion of each workout your caddy will be there with a hot towel to cleanse the chalk from you hands and will then rub hydrating lotion into your palms.  This membership includes valet service.  Finally, the Platinum membership grants access to the coaches’ hot tub for great recovery and relaxation.

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  1. Bones

    If I get the diamond platinum option, will my
    Caddie do my workout for me if I’m not feeling great, and transfer the health benefits to me? Sign me up!