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Three rounds for time of:
135 pound Hang power cleans, 15 reps
15 Burpees

Picture from the fall Paleo Potluck dinner. From left to right, Jordan, Sarah, June, Christy, and Stephanie chowing down on a great Paleo spread.

Paleo 2.0 Potluck

It’s here!  The Paleo 2.0 Potluck dinner is tonight from 5-7pm.  Bring your favorite Paleo dish share and chat with other athletes who have passed up grains, dairy, and sugar for the past two weeks.

Sprinkling in New Classes – Post answers to comments.

1. Are you interested in any of the following specialized CrossFit classes?
a. Strength
b. Enduran
ce (running and rowing based)
c. CrossFit Football (heavy short power-based workouts)
d. Olympic Weightlifting
e. Skills/gymnastics (kipping, muscle-ups, handstands)

If you are interested in attending olympic weightlifting or strength-specific classes, please post to comments answers to the following questions:

2. Would you like to attend 1 or 2 Olympic weightlifting classes per week?
a. One
b. Two

3. At what times are you able to attend an Olympic Weightlifting class?
a. Weekday – 8am
b. Weekday – 11:30
c. Weekday – 12:30
d. Weekday – 6:00pm
e. Weekday – 7:00pm

4. At what times are you able to attend a strengh class?
a. Weekday – 7am
b. Weekday – 8am
c. Weekday – 11:30
d. Weekday – 12:30
e. Weekday – 6:00pm
f. Weekday – 7:00pm

Post answers to comments.

20 Responses

  1. June

    1. All of them!! Endurance if I had to pick just one.
    2. A
    3. D
    4. E

    Ah yes, the paleo pot luck…that’s when Christy got me addicted to bacon wrapped dates and Nicole got me addicted to Nick N Willy’s rotisserie chickens!!

  2. Blakely

    1) E — Not sure I would be a regular attendee if I had to pick over a WOD – but I would love to hone in some gymnastics/skills stuff to further advance my WODs.

  3. Molly Molter

    1. a,d,e
    2. b
    3. any
    4. any

    I am really interested in the gymnastics and olympic weightlifting components.

  4. Chad

    1. All
    2. B
    3. B, D, E
    4. A, C, E, F

    Definitely want to keep OLY since it is so integral to a lot of the WODs. Maybe rotate-in weekly between the other types for variety?