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Sugar WOD – What Do You Think!?


Sugar WOD – What Do You Think!?

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5 rope climbs
200m run
4 rope climbs
200m run
3 rope climbs
200m run
2 rope climbs
200m run
1 rope climb

Clean, sleek, and easy to use.  Check it out!

Clean, sleek, and easy to use. Check it out!

Sugar WOD – What Do You Think!?

Over the past six months, our very own athletes Drew and Shayna Larsen have been hard at work developing a workout tracking app called Sugar WOD.  With tremendous feedback from a badass and fit testing group at Roots, they’ve tweaked, modified, and amped up the app so it’s completely RX for your workout tracking use.

If you’re part of the iPhone nation, download the app for free on App Store by searching for “sugarwod” or use this link. 


You are selling yourself and your progress in the gym short if you don’t track your progress. Without writing down your workout times and weights, max reps, and skills developed you have no way to gauge your improvement or identify weaknesses and accomplishments. Most importantly, you are not holding yourself accountable for your performance.

The data can also be used as a pick me up.  Maybe you have a bad workout and leave the shop feeling disappointed.  A quick look at your log and you see that in the grand scheme it was just one bad day, you PR’ed your CF Total the week before, and three days before you did Helen :28 seconds faster than three months ago.  Without that information your imagination can run wild with negative thoughts about your training and it can derail you. Stay on track and positive by logging your workouts!

So how do you track your workouts?  Just find the system that’s right for you – some of you are paper log book folks, some computer, and some to App heads.  It doesn’t matter how you decide to track your workout as long as you have a method to do so.
Did you download the app?  What do you think?  Post to comments. 

15 Responses

  1. Googs

    This looks awesome! I have played with a few of these apps, but it’s nice to see one made by Roots athletes. Will give it a try tomorrow after I set my calf on fire from all the rope climbing.

    1. Collin

      Don’t forget the other one made by Roots athletes. The Whiteboard (in the top right corner of this post)! We have a creative group! I wonder if these apps could work together…

  2. Raf

    Been using Sugar since early on and I have not seen a better workout app. Fastest way to update and keep track of WODs.

  3. Shane Upchurch

    I’ve been on the Sugar for about 4 months now and it’s awesome! It’s like Facebook for tracking WODS and it’s got me back to tracking my results which I admittedly got lazy with before it came about. Thanks Drew and Shayna and nice work!

  4. Tracking progress is so helpful in training. I knew my previous time for today’s workout and I was almost done and still ahead by four minutes!! That was such a boost and I really pushed the last bit to obliterate my previous time.
    I was one of the beta testers for this app. I have to say that adding the ‘social’ aspect to posting results with likes and comments has been really fun. I also like seeing the results posted in order of score 🙂

  5. Drew

    Thanks everyone for the download love!
    Have fun with the app and let us know (feedback button in the app) if you have ideas on how to make it better!

    1. Shayna

      Thanks for using the App!
      Not sure if you know this already, but you can tap on the WOD title for a full description.

  6. Shayna

    It’s better than Christmas! Love seeing all of you guys on the app. And thank you for all of the kind words. Roots Rocks.

  7. Allison O'brien

    Will it be available for Android anytime soon? I am still not cool enough for an iPhone:) And I totally feel like I’m missing out reading everyone’s comments.

  8. Cassie Finer

    Love the app! Easy to record WOD scores, but I am having trouble figuring out how to easily add “other” work like competitors, strength, etc. I know some of those workouts get posted but sometimes they don’t and I can’t figure out how to easily add an entire workout instead of adding one movement at a time.