Push Press
Tabata Mash-Up
Abmat Sit-ups
Building off of yesterday’s post, today we dive into a typical prep Sunday for the Christensen household.
After going to the grocery store, I will come home and cook the following. This is so we have food on hand for the week to grab and go for breakfast and lunch combinations. We don’t just eat meat, potatoes, and asparagus but it gives us enough food to build meals with. As an example, we might chop the asparagus onto a salad and combine with meat and beets that we buy pre-cooked from the store.
I cook 4 pounds of meat. Over time Eric and I have figured out how much meat we need for the two of us to get through Friday lunches – it’s four pounds for us. This meat is for us for breakfasts and lunches during the week and one dinner. I can’t eat eggs so I eat chicken for breakfast most often. I’ll either grill or bake the chicken after seasoning it with any seasoning combination. More on seasonings in another post! For the rest of the meat I’ll cook burger patties or chicken thighs.
I cook seven potatoes. Four sweet potatoes (for me and Harriet) and three white potatoes (for Eric). I wash them, poke holes in them, coat them with coconut oil and salt and bake them at 400 for 45 minutes to an hour.
I cook two bunches of asparagus and a tray of broccoli. I toss it with olive oil or bacon fat, minced garlic, and salt and back for 10 minutes and 15 minutes respectively. If I’m pressed for time with the oven, I will cook the vegetables on the stove top.
Getting these three things done is relatively easy and sets us up for a successful week. If I’m feeling motivated, I might also sauté onions, whip or mash the potatoes or make hash, and chop some kale very fine for kale salad during the week.