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Sweating is COOL and MuZzak.


Sweating is COOL and MuZzak.

Snatch Balance

Check it out! New rings hanging from the shop ceiling along with more ropes. More 45s and a set of pull sleds also arrived. Yeehaa!

Sweating is COOL and MuzZak.

It feels good to sweat.  What are the top reasons that you love sweating during a summer workout?

AND, we need to mix-up our playlists.  What Pandora stations do YOU want to hear during workouts?

Post to comments.

29 Responses

  1. Jake D

    Shane had us listening to “Forever Young” (and NOT the Jay-Z remix) today. Anything else would be better except, of course… Katy Perry.

  2. Grandpa mojo

    Tower of power – trust me, it would be epic. That, or earth, wind and fire. ( of course you might have to fast forward through the ballads ). Okay, James brown – my final offer.

  3. Brian Pryor

    Timbaland and Fabolous…and of course Hall & Oates, although we probably want to stay away from their Christmas album. Everything else is pure genius. I think I could do a two-minute Fran if you played You Make My Dreams Come True.

  4. Wax

    Ghetto Boys
    Jay z
    Jurassic 5
    Pretty Lights
    Led Zeppelin
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Rolling Stones
    Slightly Stoopid

  5. Annette

    Was listening to the Black Keys this morning on Pandora. Seemed like a pretty good summer workout lineup.

  6. Chris Dizon

    Any thought of using our own individual playlists? The automated ones are good but often they dont hit the mark. Perhaps personal playlists specifically for the WOD part of the session

  7. Jake D

    Well, I think it’s clear that there’s a consensus. Nice work everyone! High fives all around. Except for Shane. No high fives for Shane.

  8. Disqus (???) isn’t showing my previous comment, but I think that Pandora’s hard rock station would be a nice change from Ellie Goulding on repeat 😀

  9. Sugar

    Slaughterhouse, ice cube, rage against the machine, rise against, swollen members, deftones, Jedi mind tricks, five finger death punch. Something that makes me feel something and raises pulses. I hide from playlists not wods.

  10. seanaziz

    3 Days Grace has some tunes to get you in the mood to put a hurtin’ on some WODs. “Sound of Madness” by Shinedown is always good to go (thanks to Ryan for his willingness to play it out of sequence, haha).
    Maybe some dubstep, or am I reliving too much of my SoCal history?