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Take What You've Learned…and Apply It


Take What You've Learned…and Apply It

Front squat
Overhead squat

A very big congratulations to the Southwest Region's Matt Chan who placed SECOND at this year's CrossFit Games in Carson, California. Hard work pays off. Period.

Take What You’ve Learned…and Apply It

We’re seven weeks into the 12-week lift cycle.  Hopefully the past two days were a little bit of a confidence boost as we went to 95% of your previous 1 rep max for two reps.  Even if you knocked out only one of the two, understand that this is a huge deal!  We hope a couple things happened during the past few weeks:

1. You feel more confident going heavy…and know what it really feels like to do so
2. You feel more “in the know” on lift days
3. The consistent repetitions are causing you to understand the movements and their nuances with more detail
4. You feel stronger overall

Has this happened for you?  Post to comments.

8 Responses

  1. From a coach’s view I feel like everyone has improved in the lifts. Some more on form and technique, some with strength, and others with confidence, but overall a definite improvement shop-wide.
    As important, if not more-so, than a heavier 1RM is the technique during wods that involve both a lifting component and a breathing component. I’m noticing a lot more competence on everyone’s part to continue with good mechanics even while breathing hard. That is leading to heavier loads and therefore greater intensity and all done with a decrease in chance of injury.
    “WINNING!” ~ Charlie Sheen

  2. Drew

    thanks to Nicole for the coaching and the 9am class for the cheering… I feel good about my OHS PR today. About 18 months ago, I didn’t even have the shoulder flexibility to OHS an empty bar consistently!

  3. I felt all of these things over the last two days, and I had two PRs today. Thank you, coaches! Allison, your help was particularly appreciated today. Butt back on the OHS really helped with my stability.

  4. LukeU

    a handy thing has been doing the lifting days with different coaches. Sometimes one coach tells me something that “clicks” and improves one lift, while other coaches provide details that help with the other lifts.