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Teens – Train Like a Collegiate Athlete


Teens – Train Like a Collegiate Athlete

Teen Strength and Conditioning – Free Intro Class
Saturday, February 7th at 11:00am. All Teens welcome. 
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In honor of Ali’s 30th birthday:
30 rounds

100m sprint
rest 1min
Ok, just kidding, we’ll do just 10 rounds.  But happy birthday Ali!  Note: please bring a stop watch or wrist watch to this workout so you can time your minute of rest. 


Teens – Train Like a Collegiate Athlete

Lauren Fisher, a CrossFitter through her teen years, has the speed-strength to clean and jerk 213 pounds (disclaimer – she’s probably 20 years old in the video).

Most collegiate athletic programs train the clean. More would train the jerk and the snatch if they had more time and expert Oly coaching. Regardless, they don’t dare let their athletes miss out on the adaptations available through training the Olympic lifts. Most high-school programs use the Olympic lifts in a nonexistent or very limited capacity because of logistical constraints (equipment and time) and technical constraints (experienced coaching). For the high-school athlete, the difference between training the Olympic lifts and not training is profound.

Why does it matter so much? The Olympic lifts uniquely develop speed-strength, the combination of starting strength and explosive strength. This is why Olympic weightlifters can have faster 25 meter sprint times than Olympic high jumpers and Olympic sprinters.

Teen Strength and Conditioning at CrossFit Roots
Free Intro – Saturday, February 7th at 11am. Sign up HERE.
Come see how much fun it can be to get faster, stronger, and ready for the next season!
All Teens welcome (13-18yrs old). Current members welcome – bring a friend!

5 Responses

  1. Josh H.

    Thoughts on the jerky start off the ground? As soon as her arms actually tension her butt shoots up and her chest doesn’t raise with it.

    1. shane

      Hey Josh, that’s called a dynamic start and it’s something that is trained. Her chest is a little behind her butt in the first pull but nobody said she was perfect, just that she’s good. Also keep in mind this is near a 1.5 x bodyweight clean and I’m guessing within 10-15% of her max so you would expect some things to be a little off. I’m sure that her and her Coach are well aware of the faults here and are constantly working on improving them.
      Checkout “hookgrip” on youtube for more cool slow motion videos. You’ll find that even the pro’s don’t get it perfect every time.