3 rounds:
power clean x 6
2 rounds:
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 kb swings
rest 2min


Judge Covey getting caught up in the excitement.

Every year we have a call for Judges to help us run the Friday Night Lights Open Series smoothly and efficiently. At Roots we’ve made our standard that every athlete participating in the Open has a certified judge.  
To become an official judge each person must take an online tutorial and pass an online exam. Then every Friday they begin piling in just before heats begin where they’re debriefed in a judges meeting and then spend the next 2-3 hours spread amongst the chaos, counting reps, paying close attention to every movement ensuring they meet standards, and because they know the pain you’re enduring or know that later that night they’ll be doing the same, they may even throw in some words of encouragement or tips on what worked best for them. 
AND, they’re all volunteers. We can proudly say that without them the success of the Friday Night Lights Open series would be impossible, so THANK YOU JUDGES!  
Did you have an awesome judge for one or more of the events?  Here is your chance to make it known.  Give a shoutout to the judges that helped you get through the struggle!