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The 12 Day Reboot – DAY 1


The 12 Day Reboot – DAY 1

Hang Clean

A small selection of leftover holiday treats - that need to go.

A small selection of leftover holiday treats – that need to go.

Forty two people said they are IN for the 12-Day Reboot. Read more about it here. 
Remember, the initial buy-in is that for the next 12 days you will not drink alcohol or eat sugar. Eating sugar includes any real, fake, added, processed, extracted, or powdered variety. Sugar found in fruit, vegetables, or starches is fine.
Day 1 (to be completed January 2nd)
Throw out EVERYTHING in your kitchen that entered the house as a product of Thanksgiving or Christmas. This includes, but is not limited to – ice cream, chocolate, holiday food gifts, candied nuts, whipped cream, eggnog, toffee, Christmas cookies, candy canes, gingerbread men (and women), cheese logs, fudge and any other food item that you are tempted by that simultaneously takes years from your life. 
If you complete this task today, post your names to comments AND post the picture of your pile to comments.

57 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    Nathan is racing to eat the remainder of the pecan tarts his mom sent. What if we are tempted by none of it? And what if we pawn it off on relatives? 😉

  2. Stacey

    One of the good things about traveling over the holidays is that there was literally no food in my house. The last pieces of dark chocolate were on the plane….but I have a shot of the wrappers.

  3. Linda Gill

    Left all the cookies & crap in CA. Cupboards are bare, so fresh start there. I did take the extra bottles of bubbly out of the fridge and stored them away.

  4. Josh Nothwang

    Done. Though with a two year old and pregnant wife, some of the junk will just be hidden from me.

      1. Googs

        There was some Halloween candy in there, but most of it was acquired recently. For example, those Mike & Ikes were “fresh”, man! But alas, I only managed to polish off 3/4 of the box by bedtime last night.

  5. laura munro

    Done! There wasn’t much to throw out as I missed the last day of work and didn’t bring home lots of crap- however, i’m worried there might be stuff waiting me in my office- for the trash of course.

  6. Allison O'brien

    Done. They’re was literally nothing except one frozen GF cinnamon roll. And who would eat that anyway?

  7. Marcus Martin

    Nothing for me to do on this one – – Paula and Jackson handled it. I’m focusing on wall balls.

  8. Ian

    My photo won’t upload because it’s too big (which makes sense because I had a sh!t ton of sugary crap!)

  9. Derek

    So I really didn’t have much sweets/sugary crap in the house to get rid of, and didn’t feel right out about tossing out the box of chocolates I got my wife for Christmas. BUT, I did go through my closet to liquidate all the pants I used to wear before I started Crossfit and dropped a pant size. I was keeping them just in case, but I figure there’s no going back. The attached picture is the pile of pants I donated today.

  10. JakeDurling

    Task completed and sugar/booze compliant. Caitlin has the picture. I was pretty sure we would be in the “ate it all last night” category but there turned out to be a countertop full. Also, weighed in at heavier than my weight before the last food challenge. No Bueno.

  11. Jessica Helson

    This stuff isn’t really the problem* it’s the SWYPO bullshit it’s high time to cut out AGAIN.
    *To be clear, the representation of alcohol here is definitely part of the problem.

  12. Stephanie

    Done. Although my image of organic egg nog and a few pecan tarts will not upload. Today went well until I spaced the 1/2 to of raw honey in my tea!

  13. Lindsey Lettvin

    Done–threw out dark chocolate bar I had half of on airplane–visiting family until Monday so not in my kitchen but vow to eat no sugar

    1. Ben O'Brien

      I get that reply all the time at work (in a fire station)! “We can’t / shouldn’t throw out food”. “It’s NOT food” is my reply. The amount of sugary crap that is brought by with good intentions clearly underscores the horrible diet of most people. People truly mean well but they’re killing us.

      1. Kathy Nicholson

        Yep and it’s a slippery slope with kids who then wonder why you let them have any at all. Maybe that’s the best question for me!?!