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The 12 Day Reboot – DAY 7


The 12 Day Reboot – DAY 7

DAY 7 of the 12 Day Reboot
No alcohol, no sugar, lights out by 9:30pm, plan and prepare a Paleo meal. See below for more info.

4 rounds for time of:
run 800 meters
50 wall-ball shots (14/20)


It’s Friday!  It’s the end of the week and we all made it so it’s time to do something special.  Why go out to dinner that someone else made when we can get creative at home ourselves and maybe even surprise a loved one (and who knows what that could lead to?! :)) with a delicious home-cooked Paleo meal?

Day 7 (to be completed January 8th)
Go online tonight and find a Paleo recipe to make. Get to the grocery store today or tomorrow and make it for dinner.

So what will it be?  Here are a few of my favorite go-to recipes.  Post yours to comments!
NomNom’s Slow Cooker Kalua Pig
Well-Fed’s Thyme Braised Short Ribs
Practical Paleo’s Spaghetti Squash Bolognese
PaleOMG’s Pizza Spaghetti Pie


25 Responses

  1. Lindsey Lettvin

    I menu plan for the weekdays so I know what we are having tomorrow night. It’s burger night, which means a patty with mustard, lettuce, and guac with baked sweet potato fries. One of our go-to-meals for Friday nights!

  2. Stacey

    I’m the same as Lindsey…. Already did my menu planning for next week: slow cooker chicken tikka masala w/cauliflower rice is on the list.

  3. PMart

    Help! I’m confused…we’ve eliminated all sugar, which I assumed included all bacon (except for the sugar free turkey bacon). It seems that a lot of paleo recipes include bacon, including the NomNom Kalua Pig. Can someone help clarify for me?

    1. Andi

      There is paleo friendly bacon with no sugar in it at Whole Foods. It has Paleo friendly on the label. Hope this is helpful.

        1. Yasmeen S

          Wellshire Farms has one that says paleo friendly at the big whole foods…they could have just been out.

    2. shane

      Look at P-Dub! While it’s true that sugar is often used in the curing process of bacon, not all bacons contain sugar, especially as our culture slowly moves away from sugar. That being said, in past challenges (not all), we’ve allowed a certain amount of grams of sugar in a package of bacon (it was something very small and didn’t even register when broken down by slice), so it really comes down to you and your commitment to eliminating sugar. If you take that to mean none whatsoever no matter what then just leave the bacon out of the recipe for now. There are thousands of Paleo recipes that don’t include it. Conversely you could argue that 1 piece of fruit will give you a larger dose of sugar than 1lb of bacon, and so perhaps using it sparingly isn’t so bad, just depends on your priorities.

        1. Marcus Martin

          Shane: Sorry to interject, but it’s “PMart” – – like your favorite store WalMart, but with a P. FYI – I could use a wallball challenge – 200? Come on! Is that all you got?

      1. PMart

        Wow! This is awesome Shane, thanks! I guess my ignorance on this paleo thing is pretty apparent. I completely concur on the sugar comparison front, just trying to make sure to comply with this challenge since I’m the primary (i.e. only) meal preparer here and the whole fam is committed. Maybe we can get Marcus to roast a whole pig? He must have some sourcing connections being from Iowa and all.

  4. Josh Nothwang

    Pork in the Crock Pot was already on the menu for tonight. We’ve been Paleo off and on for a few years but my dad (69 next week) has been dedicated since Jan 1 a year ago. He quickly lost 30+ pounds and his chronic arthritis disappeared after a few months. We’re visiting my parents this weekend and I got a text last night to expect Kalua Pig when we arrive tonight. Good to have the whole (extended) family involved!

  5. Caitlin Durling

    Pizza Spaghetti Pie coming up! I randomly baked a spaghetti squash last night for no reason other than the oven was already hot. I was planning to figure out what to do with it today, so Shane’s recipe suggestion is perfect. Thanks!
    Now if only I could emulate Lindsey and Stacey’s organizational skills….

  6. Katie W

    I have always wanted to make bone broth so here is my first go at cooking beef bone broth in my slow cooker. All the pretty veggies are trapped under the beef bones. Can’t wait to try it! I Nothing like making food from scratch! Recipe from Nom Nom paleo❤️

  7. Brittney Wilburn

    heading up the hill so super fast on the go paleo–eggs and peppers and onions. I meal plan the week in advance. Have some good recipes from nom nom i’ll put to use. egg fu chu or something like that. green chicken…

  8. CAL

    Making Bone Broth today too! Dinner tonight though is my easy-peasy go to when I’m feeling too lazy to cook: 1/2 baked sweet potato + 2 fried eggs over greens. This weekend: making a few diff variations of Paleo Stir Fry: Coconut Chicken Curry + Shrimp/Mushroom, along with that bad-ass Paleo Salad!

  9. Jeremy

    I also cheated, so not sure if this counts or not, but since it was a travel day, there was no time for grocery store, or even looking for a new recipe. But I kept with the spirit and had left over paleo thai chicken soup for dinner.

  10. shaynalarsen

    Got a roast all ready to throw in my pressure cooker. I highly recommend one if you don’t have it. Beautiful bone broth in 2 hours, spaghetti squash in 10 minutes and a roast in 45min. And you can sear right in the pot.