DAY 8 of the 12 Day Reboot
No alcohol, no sugar, lights out by 9:30pm, do 100 burpees. See below for more info.

4 rounds:
8 deadlifts (60%-70%)
1min max calorie row
1min max slam-balls (20/30)
rest 2min

December 2015

Keith demonstrating a good locked-out overhead position.

Day 8 (to be completed on January 9th and then never again…kidding.  Yay burpees!)
Do 100 burpees anytime throughout the day. Do it in one effort or break it up throughout the day. If you are signed up for a workout already, this is in addition to your workout.
Speaking of workouts, check out what is on today’s menu.  No prescribed weights?  Nope.  Today we want you to dial in perfect technique and impeccable form throughout the barbell portion.  Think of this part as reps at a challenging but manageable weight and low intensity.  It will not and should not feel anything close to an 8 rep max, though it should be an unbroken set.  In fact, we’re not even going to record what weight you used.
Instead we’re going to record how many calories and slam-balls you pull off in the 2 minutes allotted, because this is where we want the intensity.  Your goal is to give 100% effort throughout the entire 2 minutes, and then you get to rest.  Enjoy!