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The CrossFit Total Worksheet


The CrossFit Total Worksheet

Deadlift ( # 155, 250)
Burpee Pull-up

Strength class wraps up with box jump work. Phil's got ups!

The 2011 CrossFit Total Worksheet

Introducing the totally redesigned 2011 CrossFit Total worksheet.  Now updated with auto-complete features and a “select your own warm-up” plan.

This worksheet is used as a planning tool for the CrossFit Total next Tuesday and Saturday.  If you do not know what The CrossFit Total is or if you do not know the schedule for next week, read the newsletter.

Click here to view the CrossFit Total worksheet on Google Docs. Please read the instructions and follow carefully.

1. Sign-up for next Tuesdays and Saturdays CrossFit Totals will be online TOMORROW.
2. All classes on those days will be 1.5 hours long
3. You must come prepared with your Total sheet completed
4. If you are out of town and unable to make Tuesday or Saturday, send an email to Nicole.  We will hold one make-up Total later in the month and will notify you when it is scheduled.

1 Response

  1. TYD

    After doing the deadlifts in today’s WOD with a hook grip, the last inch or so of my right thumb has the numb, tingly feeling of being asleep.