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The Dunk Tank is BACK.


The Dunk Tank is BACK.

Three rounds for time of:
50 Double-unders
40 Sit-ups
30 Medicine ball cleans, 20 pound ball
20 Pull-ups
10 Handstand push-ups

From the vault: 2010. What started as a message in stones became...well, a picture.

The Dunk Tank is BACK.

The dunk tank is coming back this coming Thursday.  Interested in your body fat percentage and lean body mass?  The mobile hydrostatic body fat truck will be at the shop all day on Thursday helping us collect the information needed to determine the 2012 Look Good Challenge winners.

Beginning today, the remaining spots are available to folks who did not do the challenge.  Interested in your lean body mass?  Sign-up below!  The cost for the test is $49 for non-challenge participants.

Sign-up for a time slot here.

6 Responses

  1. Christy_vaughan

    OMG. I miss Lawrence, Olivia and James!!! Love the pic. Also loved the message in stones… Ha Ha! Good times.

  2. TYD

    Hey!  I remember when/where that picture was taken; at the CSP gym in Golden after the 2010 sectionals.
    Is anybody doing Murph on Sunday and looking for a partner?

    1. TYD

      Just in case anyone was on the fence about teaming up with me, I can provide a Team Navy/Coast Guard technical t-shirt as a loaner to anyone who will be my partner. What better way to get in the spirit of remembering a Navy SEAL than by wearing a Navy shirt for the WOD?