The Missing Winks have a slight lead over the Foxy Ladies in the Paleo Team Challenge.  Big-ups to Ivete who earned the most invidual points for Week 1.  The Missing Wink’s pulled ahead with the points Emily earned for submitting a recipe and for winning the team WOD last Friday morning. 

Remember, you and your team can earn points in a variety of ways:
– Eating paleo foods ONLY (and turning in your log each week)
– Workout attendance
– Sleeping (8 hours)
– PR’ing a workout
– Submitting a recipe
– Submitting a personal Paleo experience

For many of you, yesterday’s workout wasn’t about how much you could clean and jerk, it was about learning how to do the movement correctly.  The clean and jerk is by no means a simple movement, infact, it has it’s own Olympic event!  Consider signing up for the Olympic Weightlifting Clinic with Ryan Landis.  Spaces limited!  Sign-up here.