PALEO KITS ARE IN.  POST to comments with your order.  If you ordered previously, we’ll have your orders at the box tomorrow and Friday.
AMRepsAP 13 minutes – team members can work simultaneously but not on the same exercise.
Teams of 2:
Tuck Jump Burpees
KB Swings

One person does TJ Burpees while the other swings the KB.  Switch as needed.  Score is total reps.
At the end of week one it’s the Neander-gals in first place with less than 15 points spreading the field.  Everyone did a beautiful job with their food this past week.  Keep up that end of the challenge.  Lots of stray points available in the workouts and sleep categories!
Neander-gals: 124
Team Geico: 110
The Carbonators: 118
GHGs: 120