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Class Schedule Survey


Class Schedule Survey

Five rounds for time of:
135 pound Hang squat clean, 15 reps
30 Push-ups

30 muscle ups for time - Eric doing #26.
30 muscle ups for time – Eric doing #26.

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Class Schedule Survey

In order to better serve you, our super fantastic athletes, please take a minute to post to comments answers to the following class schedule survey.

1. Which of the following class times would you like to see offered (post  to comments the letters of your TOP TWO choices)?
A. Tuesday/Thursday: 7:00AM
B. Tuesday/Thursday: 8:00AM
C. Tuesday/Thursday: 9:00AM
D. Tuesday/Thursday: 10:00AM
E. Tuesday: 12:00PM
F. Thursday: 12:00PM
G. Friday: 5:00PM

2. Would you come to your top two choices in lieu of or in addition to your current schedule?
A. In lieu of another class time
B. In addition to my current class attendance (Yea!)

3. If you answered A to the previous question, which day and time would you most likely not attend (if you are not sure or your schedule is not regular, no problem).

We appreciate your responses.  Thank you.

18 Responses

  1. Jason

    A. Tuesday/Thursday: 7:00AM
    B. Tuesday/Thursday: 8:00AM

    These would be my top two choices, assuming I graduate from Foundations with a passing grade.

  2. June

    None of the above…

    I love the 5pm and 6pm classes! Being an 8-5’r makes it virtually impossible to make the morning classes and I can’t take the extra long lunches for the noon class. Please don’t cut the evenings!

  3. Blakely

    1. E, F
    2. B (but also A)
    3. Wednesday, Noon — I just need more noon options so I can be flexible around work meetings.

    p.s. Scott and I would like another 10 Paleo kits please!

  4. Olivia

    1. A and F … A would slightly affect work schedule, F would be a special kind of lunch break
    2. In addition to..