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This is Your Brain on Sugar.

4 Responses

  1. Bones

    That’s right – get rid of sugar, and replace it with HONEY!  Nectar of the gods.  Just sayin’

  2. Alison Minton

    WOD 1.0 – Monthly focus is knees 2 elbows and toes 2 bar.  Workout today is a fun AMRAP.  Don’t worry about missing Helen, we’ll be doing 1 benchmark WOD (like Helen or another named workout) each month! 

    1. Amy Santamaria

       Hi Ali, any chance there could be a 1.0 about running form sometime in the future?  I think I’m the only person at Roots who runs like they’re on a backwards treadmill made of tar and I need help!

      1. Alison Minton

         Hey Amy,
        That’s certainly something we can put in the mix!  Have you tried an endurance class yet?  That’s often covered there as well if you want to check that out in the meantime.