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Tuesday Dreamers and Believers


Tuesday Dreamers and Believers

Three rounds, 9-7- and 5 reps, for time of:
135 pound Squat snatch

G7 Stories – Veronica Garza from G7 Athletics on Vimeo.

Tuesday Dreamers and Believers

Check out today’s video post.  Has a diagnosis, either health or sport related, left you invigorated to seek more opinions?  Was the effort worth it?

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4 Responses

  1. Hank Nicholson

    Very inspiring video.  thanks. 

    A year ago or so, after a severe asthma attack, our pediatrician recommended we put Rex (now 6) on a daily steroid inhaler.  At the time, Rex’s allergies seem to be getting worse as he got older, and chronic asthma seemed almost inevitable (I began suffering from severe asthma when I was Rex’s age with nearly identical allergic symptoms.)

    Luckily, Rex never gets asthma anymore… and… he never went on the inhaler either (I’m still on it… for now).  In fact, he rarely has any of his past allergic symptoms (constantly running nose, congestion, dry irritated skin, eczema, dark circles under eyes, etc.)  Why?  Paleo baby… What else?

    The pediatrician never suggested anything more creative than a prick test to check for more allergens, but we’re convinced that the sugar, soy, wheat, corn, & dairy (maybe others too?) were having a general inflammatory effect on his lungs/nose/throat, while also compromising his immune system.  Sprinkle on a few allergens and you have the perfect recipe for a severe reaction.

    Paleo Rex is thriving.  His diet is basically 50% meat (egg @ breakfast), 10% veggie (its all we can force down him) & 40% fresh fruit.  Yes I know, this is more fruit than he should eat.  Right?  Maybe.  What I know is that his emotional and physical health is so, so, so much better than it ever was when he was eating a more standard western diet (read: sugar & grain).