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Shop Update – Athlete Corner and Putting Things Away


Shop Update – Athlete Corner and Putting Things Away

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This is the new Roots Athlete Corner. Here you'll find space to keep your log book, first aid and tape, shoe storage for Olympic Weightlifting Shoes, and the lost and found bin.

Shop Update

You may have noticed a few changes at the shop since last week – new shelves for wallballs and log books, new homes for boxes and squat stands, as well as new hooks for bands and jump ropes.

We wanted to update you on these organizational changes so you can help keep Roots squared away, neat, and orderly.

Roots Athlete Corner – pictured above

In this area you’ll find the lost and found bin (underneath the shelf).  All clothing items left on the floor or in the locker area will be put in this bin at the end of each day.  Above the bin you see Olympic Weightlifting Shoes.  Athletes may keep their Oly shoes, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps here – this area is not for converse or any other type of workout shoe. Next up is the tape and first aid bin and above that are two empty shelves for the storage of log books.  Feel free to keep yours there or keep it with you.

Hooks for Bands

We installed four hooks to hold extra pull-up assist bands (green), new blue bands for stretching (blue), pull-up assist systems (with carabiner), and weighted pull-up attachment straps.

Please use the green bands for pull-ups ONLY (not for stretching).  The blue bands are for stretching.

To the right of the bands you’ll see jump ropes.  These are the shop jump ropes and are for general use.  They also have new wire cables!

Personal Jump Ropes

We moved the area for personal jump ropes into the storage room.  Please remember to put your personal jump ropes back on these hooks so they are not mixed in with the shop jump ropes.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Roots Crew! Anybody interested in carpooling to Regionals on Saturday? Looks like CF Verve team will go sometime between 9-10:15 and Nicole will compete sometime between 10:30-11.  Email me or post to comments if you are interested!

  2. Ali

    I don’t know if I can go on Saturday but if anyone is going back on Sunday I think I can go then! Let me know!