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South West Regionals Start Tomorrow!


South West Regionals Start Tomorrow!

REMINDER!: Benchmark Series kicks off tonight from 5-7pm.  See you there!

For time:
Run 800 meters

Clean and Jerk, 30 reps

Run 800 meters

Marcos during last Saturday's team workout. Team workout are often underestimated but, as many found out last Saturday, they can be equal parts enjoyment and challenge.

South West Regionals

The South West Regionals start tomorrow and your very own Zac and Nicole are headed off to compete.

Zac will be competing on the CrossFit Verve team with five other individuals.  He’s no newbie to CrossFit competition and we expect to see him lead the Verve team.

Nicole will be competing in the individual competition.  She finished 6th last year and is ready to get to it.

Visit here for live updates and scores beginning Friday!

Are you considering going to watch either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?  Post to comments your plans as lots of people are looking to carpool!

11 Responses

  1. Tracy Phelps Emmanuel

    WOOOT!  Can’t wait to watch Nicole and Zac kick some serious bootay!   I’m planning to head down on Saturday and part of the day on Sunday!  Lemme know if anybody wants to carpool!   Lets get a big crew to cheer these two on!!  

    (and if you haven’t ever been to a CF competition – I would highly recommend coming down to experience this INCREDIBLY motivating and inspiring environment!)

    1. Anonymous

      Tracy, could I get a ride with you on Saturday? I live in N. Boulder near 30th and Iris so it could be on your way to Denver? My cell is 765-426-3295. Let me know!

      1. Tracy Phelps Emmanuel

        Sure thing Molly – sounds like Gator is in for carpooling as well…   i’ll text you with a game plan…  my cell is 303-483-1611.

  2. collin

    I really want to go watch if anyone has extra room in their car!  I have to work tomorrow but I can go on the weekend.

  3. Christy

    I’ve got a friend coming in from Salt Lake to watch the games, so we’ll be heading down Sat. and Sunday – and maybe tomorrow – depending on when she arrives. 
    I may be able to offer a ride, but I don’t know just yet.  Text me if you’re looking to go. 303-859-0807.

  4. Gator

    I’m hoping to make it Friday to see the Opening Rounds… just waiting on the heat times to be announced….  I will be driving and have plenty of room in my car…..  Text me if you wanna jump in: 

    Gator Cell:  303-819-9773

  5. Hank Nicholson

    I’d like to travel down tomorrow (Friday) to watch some or all.  When is the Gator Express scheduled to depart Bldr?

    1. Gator

      Waiting on Heat Times to be announced… departure TBA….  Nicole finds out tonight what the times will be for tomorrow…..  

  6. Anonymous

    Hey Crew –

    Here are the heat times for the weekend:

    I’m not sure which heat Zac and I are in but as you can see, there is a Women’s Heat 1 and 2 and they’re only 15 minutes apart so this will give you a good idea.