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Power Hour Fridays – 5pm


Power Hour Fridays – 5pm

Shoulder press 
For time:
50 overhead squats with your 3 rep max shoulder press weight

Teamwork - get some.

Roots Power Hour

Fridays at 5pm

No, it’s not as fun as Happy Hour…all the time, but you’ll be done just in time to catch the tail end of it.  Roots Power Hour applies CrossFit methodologies with a bias towards the more powerful movements such as power cleans, box jumps, snatches, anything that requires explosive power.  Why, you ask?  Because it’s fun, duh! Seriously though, HQ wods can go either way (short and heavy, long and light) and sometimes we can get too caught up in the “long sexy metcons”.  There’s nothing wrong with the pursuit of endurance but remember that our big picture goal is to be really damn good at EVERYTHING.  Where are your weaknesses?  Is another go at Cindy really going to improve your OVERALL fitness OR could you use more time working towards a heavier power clean?  faster sprinting?  how about lateral movements?  That’s right, boxes can be jumped on from more than one direction.
Roots Power Hour typically includes work on heavier more explosive lifts for the first half and then a faster heavier metcon towards the end.  Who is it for?  EVERYONE!  And if you’re not sure, no worries, attendance is included in the unlimited membership that you already pay for, so come try something new with people you know.  Come finish the week strong!

Did you go to the first Benchmark Series WOD last night?  Was it fun?  Post to comments?


22 Responses

  1. Gator

    I’m heading out to Aurora at 9am…  anybody want to jump in let me know!  Text:  303-819-9773

  2. Jasmine

    The “Power Hour” (formerly CF Football…and no, we don’t play football) is a lot of fun and a good class to throw into the rotation.  On occasion we head over to North Boulder park and sprint with a weight sled.  It a fun class and everyone should give it a go 🙂

  3. Fraseronly

    Dude, what are you 12 years old ?
    Sorry just chillin drinking a bud
    A bud !! Thats not paleo. At least make it a real beer. You interested in Power hour ?
    Power hour ? You were asking me if I was 12, although a shot of beer a minute is always a challenge constantly varied and all that.
    No Roots Power hour.
    bleh, its friday happy hour.
    Dude, earn your suds, get wrecked before you get wrecked.
    I was going to go Saturday,
    You never get up before noon on Saturday, more of a reason to go on Friday at 5..
    Isnt is a normal WOD ?
    No, its a workout leaning towards power, its a combo of some strength stuff and a metcon its well worth it
    K, see you there. You can buy the first paleo marg afterwards.
    Only if you are faster than me at the WOD.

  4. Jason Emmanuel

    This is my favorite Roots class. If you haven’t tried it you should. What eelse are you going to do, watch shake weight commercials for the 100th time? Get your ass to this class.

  5. Ernesto

    That was fun and hard, I didn’t think I had Angie in me. I was nervous all day just thinking about it, now I’m looking forward to do it again sometime

  6. Gator

    Team Verve either 2nd or 3rd in the heat!!! Too close to call… Waiting on time… Fastest team in the world just posted 23:35… And its Front range!!!

  7. Gator

    Every meter counts… Still have WOD 2, 3, & 4 before results/rankings official… Nicole ROCKS!!! We need everyone down here… Beautiful day… Roots has a tent!!!

    1. Stef

      Thanks for the updates Gator!!!  Way to go Nicole!  You are amazing!  I’m looking forward to being out there all day tomorrow!

  8. Lil Jim

    Ditto to Jason and the most interesting man in the world.  Rumor has it he doesnt always crossfit but when he does, he prefers Power Hour. 

  9. Anonymous

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