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Video Submission and the Open


Video Submission and the Open

Abmat Sit-up
Slam ball (30/20)

Googs with a strong lockout overhead on his thruster

Googs with a strong lockout overhead on his thruster

Video Submission and the Open

The Open is just around the corner.  A number of Roots athletes will be in the mix at the top of the Individual, Team, and Maters divisions!
If you are one of those athletes READ THIS POST as it pertains to the required video submission you will need to submit for every workout and how we will manage recording at Roots during the Friday Night Throwdowns.
New to the 2014 CrossFit Open, all athletes who place in the top 60 (whether they decide to go team or individual) and all masters athletes who finish in the top 200 MUST have a video tape recording of every workout.  At the end of the Open, CrossFit Headquarters will request one or more videos before Regional invites are sent.
Each Thursday, when the workout is announced, exact video submission standards will also be released.
If you are a Regionals hopeful, it is your responsibility to have a video camera for the purpose of recording your workouts.  Roots will make sure the proper video submission standards are able to be met when doing the workout at Roots, including the use of a registered judge.
Please read below and post to comments if you have any questions.

New Video Requirements for Regional Qualifiers (excerpt below)

Any athlete who hopes to compete at Regionals will need to follow a few extra steps during the Open.

Those who complete the Open workouts at an affiliate will need to:
1. Use a registered judge who has passed CrossFit’s Judges Course,
2. Have their result validated by an affiliate manager,
3. Videotape their performance.

Videos are required to collect prize money, and may be requested by CrossFit Games staff at any point during the Open.

At the end of the Open, the top 60 men and top 60 women in each region will be required to submit at least one complete video of one of the Open workouts. Athletes will not be told which video they will need to submit until after the final workout has closed. The required video will be verified by CrossFit Games staff prior to sending out Regional invitations for individuals and teams.

After the video review, the top 48 men, top 48 women and top 30 teams in each region will be invited to compete in their respective Regional competition.

Team competitors are included. If an athlete on a Regional qualifying team finishes in the top 60 in the individual division in their region, he or she will have to submit video of the Open workout requested by CrossFit.

New Masters Qualifier

In the Open, Masters will compete against all other international athletes for the opportunity to advance to the next level of competition. Following the Open, the top 200 Masters athletes in each age division will be invited to perform four additional workouts.

WE RECOMMEND HIGHLY that you prep your video capabilities in advance of this coming Friday.  Know your recording device, know how to work it, and make sure it records for at least 30 minutes.

Questions?  Post to comments. 

5 Responses

  1. Blaine

    Does each workout need to follow the video submission guidelines that would be used for an individual doing the workout outside of a registered affiliate? Do we need to state our name, verify weights, heights, etc.?

    1. All video submissions are the same. Whether you do it on your own for online validation or at an affiliate w/ a certified judge. The Thursday night run down will include video submission guidelines.

  2. Shane

    Good question. I just gave the rulebook another read and it sounds like the video submission guidelines that are released with the workout should be followed by any video, so my guess is that they will make clear in those released video submission guidelines what needs to be shown or will clarify that all video submissions should be the same.

  3. Ben O'Brien

    This post and the Games site seem to be at odds regarding Masters recording a video of every open workout. The Games site stipulates that only the four workouts required of the top 200 need to be recorded.