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Ali and Stefanie broke down the Spring 2017 Food Challenge at Wednesday night’s chalk talk.

One key component to this habit based challenge to eat a vegetable at breakfast. Why did we include that? Because the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has a lot of truth. How we start our day has a tremendous impact on how we act and react to situations in the rest of our day. Start the day off well and your chances of success are greatly improved. Don’t believe us? Think about it from the opposite end of the spectrum. When was the last time you woke up with a severe hangover and felt like you were set up for a great day? It just doesn’t happen. Don’t start your day with a food hangover.

As you sit here reading this post are you happy with your nutrition for the day so far? Are you sitting there reading away while munching on 3 over-easy eggs, sauteed spinach, and a bit of avocado? Or are you feeling stuffed and lethargic after giving in to the last minute coffee shop muffin and latte?

Dedication to food must be a priority if you truly wish to feel better, perform better, get stronger, and/or change your body composition. It starts with breakfast.

What to eat for breakfast?

There are many options but in the end, we find that picking one and sticking with it works best. We know what you’re thinking, “eggs and spinach EVERY DAY!?!? How boring!” Take a step back to your cereal consuming days – most people relied on one, maybe two, staples for breakfast. You can do the exact same with higher quality ingredients.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Hardboiled eggs, chopped up veggies of your choice and a small handful of nuts
2. Veggie omelet with sausage
3. Meat and veggies leftover from dinner from the night before (yes, you can eat dinner for breakfast!)
4. Scrambled eggs, sauteed broccoli, a small piece of fruit and a bit of avocado

The first example is great to pack the night before, and works well for on-the-go (but not in the car!) eating. The second option is great but does require a little more kitchen time and clean-up, as well as prep work depending on how fancy you make your omelette. The third option is great at home or to take pre-packed in tupperware to work. The last, well, you can never go wrong with that!

Missed the food challenge chalk talk? No problem! Re-watch the Facebook Live stream!

There is still time to sign-up for the challenge, which starts on Monday!

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