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What You Don’t Use, You Lose


What You Don’t Use, You Lose


6 rounds:
3 jerks (155/105)
6 chest to bar pull-ups
9 clapping push-ups (scale to knee clapping push-ups rather than reg push-ups if necessary)

Jasmine pulls 200 on day one of The CrossFit Total Days of Winter.

What You Don’t Use, You Lose

Let’s face it, we’re no longer the hunter/gatherer’s that our ancestors were. The majority of us sit at a desk, or in a car, in a very limited range of motion for several hours a day. And yet our genes are still almost identical to our cavemen ancestors.

Now you’ve joined this crazy thing called CrossFit and you’re finding out that you have potential to be and do much more…. if it weren’t for those tight shoulders, or tight hamstrings, or nagging lower back, stinging elbows, etc. Life doesn’t have to be one pain filled moment after another, but it requires work to fix this situation. And CrossFit Roots is here to help you out.

Starting Sunday, January 30th, Roots will offer a stretching and mobility class led by Shane. You’ll meet for 6 half hour classes for 6 consecutive Sundays. In these classes you can expect to learn methods of stretching and mobility exercises that can help you get stronger and stay injury free, both in CrossFit and life.

Sign-up here.

12 Responses

  1. Jasmine

    It was really 190, but i’ll take credit for the extra 10 lbs 😉

    A 15-lb PR on the DL…and my lower back hates me today…

    Good job on the Total everyone!

  2. Caps

    I can only make four or five of the six mobility classes, and I don’t want to take someone’s spot who can make it for all six. Should I sign up, or wait to check availability?

  3. Odie

    nice job jasmine! i also wanna give props to Chad who killed it yesterday, especially on the deadlift! awesome job!

  4. shane

    Caps if you can make 5 of the classes you will still get the majority of the benefits. If the first class offered fills up we’ll consider opening another so that’s not an issue.

    To everyone: don’t think that this class is only for people with injuries or the EXTREMELY inflexible. Being able to get into the proper positions for movements is a MUST in order to get stronger and will aid in recovery and help prevent injury. These classes can help people of ALL fitness levels.

  5. Odie

    Molly, I think it is 50 bucks…at least that’s what it prompted me to pay when I tried to sign up. Too bad its not free.

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