16min EMOTM:
min 1 – run
min 2 – walking lunges
min 3 – run backwards
min 4 – burpee broad jumps

Record total distance covered.

What’s Your Story?

CrossFit aired this as a commercial during the CF Games and I thought it was a great representation of 99% of CrossFitters out there.  Sure, I love watching the Games and seeing what the elite level athletes are capable of but I never forget that the foundation of CrossFit are the “everyday people” like you and me.  We may not have aspirations to go to the Games but there is no denying that CrossFit has played a huge role in the people we are today and the people we strive to be tomorrow.  It affects our confidence, our body-image, our persistence, patience, drive, courage, etc.  And it all started on that first day when we decided to take the plunge and walk in those front doors.

What’s your story?  How did you find CrossFit and how does it play a role in your life?