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We’re just under one week out until the Anniversary Party and Shop Festival!

See below for the amazing lineup of shop friends and businesses that are coming out to help make this party AWESOME! Thank you so much!


Want to score one of those sweet CrossFit Roots branded PopSockets? Be on the lookout for the PopSockets Ambassador of Fun who will be roaming the party and dishing out these little gems. Bob, thank you for the hookup!


Do the workout and then head to the Lululemon Aide Station. They’ll have coconut waters on hand to help you recover after The Chief. Be sure to stop by their tent to enter to win some sweet raffle prizes!


Who wants to demo one of those SWEET Specialized Turbo E-Bikes? Specialized will be onsite demoing the Vado and the Como and talking shop. Be sure to ask them about the Specialized Boulder Experience Center that recently opened just down the bike path from Roots.


Pop up shop! The ladies of Chelsea women’s boutique are coming with big smiles and high fashion. Be sure to check out the latest offerings from Boulder’s number one women’s boutique. And this is my personal pitch to give them a follow on Instagram – I think their account is awesome!

The Measured Vessel

For the joyful disciplined, The Measured Vessel pairs beautiful design with easy ways to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Check out the tent to learn more and see the full lineup of wine, whiskey, beer, and margarita glasses. Stop by the tent to enter the 21-15-9 Challenge (must be 21 and over to participate), come with two friends.

If you plan to register for the 2018 Fall Food Challenge – The Foundations Challenge – a stop by this tent is a MUST.

Boulder Kitchen Collective

Come meet the team and sample food. Boulder Kitchen Collective is committed to providing clean, sustainably sourced, prepared food. Founded by our own Abby Knowles, BKC partners with local farmers to source their ingredients and believes in providing people convenient, delicious, thoughtfully prepared food. Stop by and learn about their weekly meals!

If you plan to register for the 2018 Fall Food Challenge – The Foundations Challenge – a stop by this tent is a MUST.

Cocktail Squad in the House!

Before starting Cocktail Squad, husband and wife duo John and Lauren Maggio routinely escaped to a neighborhood bar for a quick cocktail. They brought their venture to life in 2018 with the release of canned traditional cocktails: a greyhound, margarita, vodka soda, and gin and tonic. Cocktail Squad involves a pack of Boulderites with broad experience in launching brands in natural foods, as well as Brett Zimmerman (Roots member!), a master sommelier who owns Boulder Wine Merchant. That’s the “squad” (Source).


Do the workout, log your workout on the only app that matters, and head on over to the SugarWOD table. Meet founders and Roots members Drew and Shayna Larsen and enter to win some sweet SugarWOD schwag!

Beauty Counter

Come learn about Beauty Counter‘s commitment to safer skincare. Did you know that wen formulating their products, they prohibit the use of over 1,500 harmful or questionable ingredients? Be sure to stop by the booth, say hi to Stephanie, enter to win a great gift package, and try out products.

Boulder Centre for Orthopedics

Come stop by the BCO tent to talk to the team about all things sports medicine. We have always felt fortunate to work with Boulder Centre for Orthopedics as we help athletes navigate sports, fitness, and injury.


Backpacks, water bottles, socks, headbands, and more! The Nike gods will descend on Roots for the Anniversary Party bringing tons of sweet schwag and prizes. Do the workout and be entered to win one of four AWESOME Nike prize packages. Cruise around the village and you never know, you just might end up with some sweet Nike gear!

Fluid IV Lounge

Come learn about IV therapy and try it for yourself! Fluid IV Lounge is an IV therapy center delivering vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and hydration in the most efficient and effective way possible. Stop by to try it for yourself! Must be 18 or over. 

Jackson’s Honest

Nothing says a party at Roots like Jackson’s Honest. Thank you to Megan and Scott for supporting the event. Check out a bag of Jackson’s Honest to learn about why these are chips you can eat. See here to learn about this family-owned company and their mission.


Backed by science, committed to quality. That’s SFH. Come sample their workout and health realted products! Check out their story here.