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Castro is doing the Open. Are you?

This is our final installment of our “Why I’m Doing the Open” series, and you may be asking, “isn’t it too late to sign-up?”  No!  Don’t forget we have our Open Makeup classes today at 6:30am and 11:30am, so you have one last chance to get it in and sign-up!  Let’s see what Castro has to say about it.
Greg Castro
Brand Producer at Finish Line
Years CrossFitting: 
Did the Open last year? If so, did you have any kind of PR’s or try anything new?:
Yes, I did. 15.2 was just like 14.2, not my jam. Most people know how bad my mobility is. Atrocious. When I started CrossFit I couldn’t do an OHS with a PVC pipe. Last year during 15.2 I bettered my previous year’s score by 23 reps, including 11 more OHS. Progress!
Are you doing it this year?  Why?:
Absolutely. You get an honest assessment of where your fitness is and how far you’ve come in the past year. I’m excited to put all the work we’ve been doing with the Train For the Win programming to use. I hope we can get a team back to Regionals!
Anything you would like to add?:
No one regrets doing the open. You may see workouts that you dread (like OHS), but it makes you better. You’ll take on challenges you might otherwise have shied away from. The Friday Night throwdowns give you a supportive atmosphere and great environment to tackle these workouts. It’s a weird kind of painful fun that makes us CrossFit folks unique.