Push press, build to 1-rep max
WOD: Run 5K

Progress tracking machine.

Progress tracking machine.

Here it is!  The official CrossFit Roots progress tracking machine.  Log your results at the box or at home.  We’ll take a moment during each class today to go through Beyond the Whiteboard, how to set-up your account, and why we’re so smitten with progress tracking.  If you missed our post on the importance of tracking your progress and your free Beyond the Whiteboard account, click here.

The August Foundations Courses are filling up fast!
Call or email us to swing by CrossFit Roots and check out the hoopla!

August Foundations Courses start date and times:
August 17th: M,T,Th – 7pm
August 17th: M,W, Sa – 10:30am
August 17th: M, W, Th – 4:30pm

Remember! – Lunch hour classes start August 17th.  Additional evening classes offered beginning September 14.