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Would You Rather?


Would You Rather?

Clean and Jerk 
1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Mike and MaryAlice are headed home.  It was great to have you guys in class the past couple weeks!  See you in November!

Mike and MaryAlice are headed home. It was great to have you guys in class the past couple weeks! See you in November!

Would You Rather?

Last week the coaches did the workout Karen – 150 wall balls for time.

During a conversation afterward Ali mentioned that she’d rather do 150 burpees ANY DAY over 150 wall balls.  I was shocked and thought “I’d rather do 200 wall balls ANY DAY over 100 burpees.”

So, would you rather do 150 burpees or 150 wall balls for time?

Post to comments.

23 Responses

  1. Wallballs all day.
    I was talkin with Eric recently about a modified Karen with 2-for-1s. Maybe cut it in half to 75 with the double squat? Yeeeeaaaahhhh.

  2. sugar

    weird. I do 200 burpee wall balls as warm up. I have to hit a 30ft target to get the time to do a burpee between the catch and throw but 30ft seems perfect. then I run through brick walls as a 12min amrap. Thanks Roots.

  3. Nicole S

    I hate burpees with the fire of a thousand suns but I have to side with Ali here. I’d still prefer them to wall balls.

  4. Bones

    I would tell you, but then I know you would make me do the one I hate every day for a year. So I pick both! 150 wall balls followed by 150 burps.

  5. Jeremy Reynolds

    I vote wall balls. Remember the 400 air squats for time park wod? The scaling option for wall balls the next day was burpees… I chose wall balls. That was just cruel.

  6. Emily Moore

    Gonna have to side with the wall ball folks. Here’s the issue for me: all burpees (after the first ~ four) feel like crap, while at least the first two wall balls after every breather don’t seem so bad. Plus, I’m stoked every time the damn ball goes over the blue paint.

  7. Kristina Lisowski

    Team Burpee! I’m too afraid I’m going to miss the ball and it’s going to hit me in the face near the end of 100 wall balls. Or maybe bounce off the top of my head. Less potential to bruise your own noggin = winner in my book.

  8. Jim Mansfield

    Given that 150 WBs should take less time then 150 burpees. I would much prefer the wallballs. I would be happy to take on anyone racing wallballs to burpees.

  9. Mango

    That’s a horrible choice, similar to “if you were swimming in a pool of vomit and someone threw a pile of poo at your face, would you duck under or let it hit you?”

  10. Sarah

    I would rather do 200 burpees than 150 wallballs any day! Nothing makes me more mad than having to no-rep myself for a wallball that went high enough, but didn’t actually touch the wall!

    1. Sarah

      Also, huge shout-out to CAL for being awesome yesterday in the 6pm class and going one-for-one on the last few box jumps with Claire and I (even though it was already after 7). You’re the best!

      1. Claire

        Thanks to both you guys for sticking it out with me! It really helped and made those last few jumps feel so much better 🙂

    2. CAL

      I’m with you Sarah — bring on the Burpees Baby!! That bloody ball taunts me when it flirts with the blue yet won’t touch the wall — shameless hussy that she be!!

  11. Kaitlin Ryan

    This is a trick. Everyone should stop responding. Like children (real and hypothetical), we all love burpees and wallballs equally and could never choose between them.

  12. wendy

    I call wall balls “beat downs.”
    I am the nail and the ball is the hammer….
    Perhaps this is why I have a hard time embracing the beat downs, err…wall balls.