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WTF Challenge Wrap-up: Everything You Need to Know Contained in This Post


WTF Challenge Wrap-up: Everything You Need to Know Contained in This Post

Ten rounds for load and time of:
1 Clean and Jerk
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Row 100,000 meters in one month?! Sure, it seems like a lot, but not impossible when Lauren coaches you through it. Here, Lauren works with Olivia, Stacey, Collin, June, and Bones on the basics of good erging technique. There are just a few spots left for the Holiday Challenge.

The WTF Challenge Wrap-up

You’re almost there!  Just a few more days.  Here’s what we need from you to wrap-up the WTF Challenge and announce a winner on Monday.

1. Update your food log!
All food logs must be up to date by Saturday at 12 midnight.  For clarification, the challenge ends on Saturday at 12 midnight and not a second earlier.  10:00pm is not “close enough” and holiday travel is no excuse.

2. Look for the follow-up questionnaire in your email Inbox
Remember that initial questionnaire we sent to you prior to the challenge?  We’ll send you a follow-up this week to see how the results compare!

3. Blood Work Re-test
Sign-up for a blood work re-test OR get your blood work done for the first time.  It’s all good information!  Reserve a time slot on the sign-up sheet under the ROOT heading.

1 Response

  1. shane

    Big props to the AM’ers this morning, especially the 5:30 crew. I’m not sure who feels more awkward in a silent room of 7 people grunting and breathing heavy…the people doing the grunting or the guy watching.

    Either way, awesome work everyone!