Group Class at CrossFit Roots at 7AM
Team Hildy
100-calorie row

75 thrusters, 45-lb. barbell
50 pull-ups
75 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball
100-calorie row
If you’ve got a 20-lb. vest or body armor, wear it. In teams of two, with one partner working at a time, complete the workout. Partners do not have to share vests. 
Park Workout at North Boulder Park at 9AM
Run 800m
50 kettlebell swings
Run 400m
50 air squats
Run 800m

Take your fitness all over Boulder this weekend!
Join us at the shop on Saturday at 7am for a great little team version of a (female) hero workout. Then, head to North Boulder Park for a challenging 9AM workout.
Sunday, we head to the pool for the first pool WOD of the 2016 summer!
And be sure to check out the recap of the 2016 Regionals season. Yesterday we did the last of the seven regional workouts at the gym. Now you know what these athletes went through!