New Website    November 21 2013


With a continuously running clock do one muscle-up the first minute, two muscle-ups the second minute, three muscle-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Jasmine during Oly class.  She has a signature sound when she goes overhead - and it pays off with big numbers!

Jasmine during Oly class. She has a signature sound when she goes overhead – and it pays off with big numbers!

New Website

Shane can’t believe it – the new website is actually here!  After 11 months…ok to be fair, almost a year and a half of Nicole promising this new and improved website – it has finally made an appearance.

Over the next few days we’ll work out the bugs and links.  We’ll also walk you through a tour of the site layout in tomorrow’s post.

If you come across something that’s not working as it should, please post to comments so we can fix it.  

And, we’ll get the Class Sign-up button back in the upper righthand corner as soon as possible.  In the meantime, there is a class sign-up link at the bottom of each post.

  • Shane Upchurch

    looks AWESOME!

  • MollyMo1982

    Love the new website! Where do I find information on the Erg Holiday Challenge? Lauren said last night it was under the Programs tab but I don’t see it there. Thanks!

  • Mango

    Looks good, but I’m having trouble accessing the class sign up because it says cookies are required

  • Hannah


  • Eric Christensen

    Hi Mango. Something funny with that link. Fixed now

  • Eric Christensen

    Hi Mango. The link is fixed, let me know if you still have trouble.

  • Parry Andvik

    The new site looks great!

  • Andrea Steffes-Tuttle

    Nice work! It looks great!

  • LukeU

    “Jazzy has a signature sound” hahaha, classic

  • swg71

    Looks Awesome! Even better on a mobile phone — Now I just wish MBO had a decent mobile site.

  • Stef

    Hi Molly,

    Information and sign up is under the programs tab in MBO. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Jamie Dawson

    The new site looks great! And much more intuitive. My only suggestion is that it get updated the night before, so the early people know what to wear, etc (e.g socks for rope climbs, etc.).

  • MollyMo1982

    Thanks Stef but I’m still not seeing it. When I go to the Programs tab I see Private Coaching, Endurance, Women’s Only, CF Kids, WOD 1.0, CF Oly, Strength, Erg (but there’s no mention of the challenge), and Power Hour

  • Eric Christensen
  • Stef

    Hi Scott. I just got off a webinar with Mind Body on that exact topic! Download Mind Body Connect and let me know what you think.

  • Jasmine Yap

    Hahaha…”signature sound”…

  • Jasmine Yap

    PS – Love the new website! Looks great!

  • swg71

    Looks pretty cool – make sure you download ‘Mind Body Connect’ – not just Mind Body. That one looks right, but seems to be for the coaches etc..

    Also – it created a new account for me and then it connects it via an email verification (I though it didn’t work)


  • Eric Christensen

    Hi Jaime-
    We aim to get the post up at 8pm the night before. Nicole usually pre-schedules them to post at that time. She is currently batting .788 over the last 80 posts… So basically if the post isn’t up by 8pm the night before she is slacking and not doing her job;-)

    We absolutely understand that it is helpful to know the workout the night before, and will do our very best to get the post up by 8pm.

  • sarah silver

    Nice site..but what happened to the easy to find class sign up button. That’s a pretty useful item for those of us who might sign up on our smart phones..

  • Dizon

    Well done gang. The site looks great!

  • Shane Upchurch

    Hey Silver, not to worry, it’s coming back. They actually mentioned that in the last line of the post.

  • Dizon

    No way Eric… I’m not falling for that story. It is all a scheme to get us to purchase Roots sox the day of the suprize 2 hour “Climb-a-Rope-U-Dope” workout.

    Again… nice try. I prefer “Thigh-High” sox for my rope climbs anyway

  • Jamie Dawson

    Also, it helps to know if “Fran” is scheduled, so I can just chicken out and sleep in, rather than drive all the way across town, then have to slip back out once I see it posted.

  • Nicole Christensen

    A slacker?! Babe Ruth batted .342 lifetime and went to the HALL OF FAME!

  • Erica Lanier

    I LOVE this new site!