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1 Rep Retests – Know the Plan


1 Rep Retests – Know the Plan

AMRAP 10 minutes:
2 Clean and jerk (185/130)
1 15 foot Rope climb

WOD 1.0 focus: rope climbs and clean and jerk

Eye of the tiger as Amy sets at the In-House Oly Meet this past weekend.

1 Rep Retests – Know the Plan

Hey Roots Crew – the FAB FOUR are back.  That is – the 1 rep max testing of the back squat, front squat, press, and deadlift, but sure, we can play the Beatles while we do it if you want.

The game plan for how we warm-up will be the same for ALL FOUR days.  Take the time to read below so you can make the most out of your next 1 rep attempt and do the prep work needed.  We’ll also link to the previous 1 rep max for that lift so you can recall your score in the CF Whiteboard log for that day.

The set and structure for all four lifts will be:

Find your 1 rep max (one of the four):
Perform 1 lift every TWO minutes. 

Lift-specific warm-up: 

– coach-led PVC/empty bar technique work
– 5 x base weight*
– 5 x 60%
– 3 x 70%
– 2 x 80%
– 1 x 85%

* “Base weight” is a term everyone should be familiar with.  It is basically the “no brainer” load, roughly 33% of your 1 rep max.  For most folks it means throwing 15-25lbs (women) and 25-45lbs (men) bumpers on the bar.

Lift Set:
Notes: 1st single should be at 85-90% of 1 rep max.  Attempts should progress something like: 85-90-95-100-100+ OR 90-95-100-+100-+100

You can calculate your warm-up percentages prior to class!  This enables you to focus on the lifts at hand and not be fiddling with numbers – ie have a better workout!

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