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AMRAP 5 minutes:
5 squat clean thruster (135/95)
15 burpees
rest 3 minutes and repeat

Are You Addicted to Sugar?  Rate Yourself.

“Sugar activates the brain in a special way that is very reminiscent of drugs like cocaine.”

Check out the video above.  How addicted to sugar are you?  Check out the sugar addiction rating scale below.  What’s your number?  Post to comments.

1. Sugar Repulses Me – I eat vegetables only.  Fruit and all grains are absent of my diet 100% of the time.  I can’t remember the last time I ate refined sugar.
2. Fruit and Vegetable Badass – I eat vegetables and fruits only.  If I eat fruit, I eat only one piece per day.
3. Fruits, Vegetables, and 80% Dark! – I eat fruits and vegetables and the occasional piece of dark chocolate.   I draw the line at milk chocolate.
4. All Natural + Wine and Liquor Of Course – I eat fruits, vegetables, wine and hard liquors.  
5. Paleo + Sugar Baby!  I add sugar to my Paleo template in the forms of honey, agave, stevia, alcohol, and dried fruits.  I can’t imagine my life without one or all of these staples.
6. Walk the Line – I walk the Paleo tight rope but sometimes fall off into the sea of an afternoon cookie, a morning scone, or a bar of milk chocolate.
7. Walk the Line Plus – I eat Paleo in concept but have some type of treat be it cookie, ice cream, energy bar, or bread every day.  
8. Cranky Addict – I get tired, hungry, and angry if I don’t have my afternoon sugar.  It’s part of my day.
9. Sugar Happy – when I’m sad, I eat sugar and then I’m not sad anymore.  Is that bad?
10. Just reading this post made my mouth water and I immediately went and purchased a milkshake.